Our Experience

Our Pal's Place was founded in 2003.  In 2004, we opened our first Pet Adoption Facility where we house dogs and cats rescued from county shelters. Our 16 years of experience caring for, training and providing safe housing has given us the experience we now use in our Daycare, Boarding & Training operations.


Our Pal's Place has been providing daycare services for rescued dogs housed in our Pet Adoption Facility since we opened. Sixteen years of experience has taught us that each dog is unique and has different needs. That's why the daycare service we now offer to our adopting families and the public is tailored to the needs of your dog. Whether you need to leave your dog with us for an occasional day or want to engage in frequent Playtime, we customize our services to ensure your dog has an enjoyable experience while in our care.


Our Pal's Place has been boarding rescued dogs in our Pet Adoption Facility for sixteen years. We see each dog who comes through our doors as a unique individual with their own needs and tailor our care accordingly.  Whether in our Pet Adoption Facility or Daycare, Boarding & Training facility, we aim to provide the best care possible.


Since our opening, we have provided good manner and special needs training to the dogs housed in and adopted from our Pet Adoption Facility. When dogs first arrive to our Pet Adoption Facility from county shelters, we work with them to determine if they just need a refresh on "good manners" or have specific training needs such as overcoming leash reactivity, building their self-confidence or learning to be comfortable with specific people. Once adopted, we provide Adoption Support Services to assist with any training needs in the home. For puppy adoptions, we offer puppy socialization and training support to adopting families as their puppies acclimate to living in a home environment. With the opening of our Daycare, Boarding & Training facility, we now offer all of these training services to the public along with our 16 years of experience working with rescued dogs.

At Our Pal's Place, we believe that training is a means of communicating with your dog and learning how to successfully interact. Our goal is to utilize training to teach people how to understand their dog and achieve their goals while accommodating the learning style of the dog.


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