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Helping Your Dog Acclimate – Our Pal's Place Daycare, Boarding and Training

Helping Your Dog Acclimate

Lockdowns have resulted in less exercise and socializing for our pets. As people are starting to go back into offices and schools are attempting to open, our dogs are struggling to learn how to acclimate to being away from us. Our Pal’s Place has created a program to help:

Step 1: Meet & Greet – Bring your dog for a 30 minute visit to meet our training team and acclimate to our environment

Step 2: Half-Day Play – Leave your dog for 4 hours or less to hang-out and play with us.

Step 3: Half-Day Play & Nap – Periodically during playtime, your dog will retire to a room in our Sleep-Over area to learn that separation is always followed by companionship. When going into a room, your dog will receive a peanut butter bone or special treat to make the experience enjoyable. At first, the time alone will be a few minutes and then slowly increased.

Step 4: Let's Talk! Together we will determine when your dog is ready to graduate from Half-Day to Full-Days away from you.

Step 5: Full-Day Playtime - Leave your dog for a full-day of Playtime!



Meet & Greet (30 minutes): Free

Half-Days (4 hours or less): $18

Full-Days (more than 4 hours): $24


Let us know your training needs:

Provide us your information and we will contact you within 24 hours: Training Assistance Form


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