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On-Line Training – Our Pal's Place Daycare, Boarding and Training

On-Line Training

Our new On-Line Interactive Group Training programs are being conducted via Zoom by O.P.P.'s  Director of Training, Sandy Adcock, and Director of DB&T, Amanda Wilkinson.

Below are the initial On-Line Training @ Our Pal's Place programs being offered. Space is limited to ensure plenty of time and attention for you and your companion with our trainers.

Dog Language 101

Understanding how your dog companion communicates with you is more than tail wags and ear posturing. Do you know what your dog is communicating when they lick their nose, shake off or yawn (hint: it's not because they are tired)?

This course empowers you to understand what your companion is communicating through his/her body language and how you can communicate back! The course also addresses how to handle different situations, especially those that upset your dog. With this knowledge, you can build a stronger relationship with your companion and keep your dog safe when stressed.

An added bonus is you will have the opportunity to receive free training advise from our Director of Training, Sandy Adcock, and Director of DB&T, Amanda Wilkinson.

Saturday, September 12, 10:00am - 12:00pm, $35 for the course

Dog Language 101 - Kids

This program is tailored for school-age kids to understand what their dog is communicating through his/her body language and how they can communicate back! It is an interactive session and we encourage kids to have their dog nearby to start recognizing body language.

Introductory offer of $12 for the course

Saturday, September 19, 11:00am-12:00pm

Good Manners

Good Manner training is a great way to help a new pet companion acclimate into a home, understand expectations and establish a consistent routine. For a dog who has been in a home, Good Manner training offers a refresh on basic skills and advancement on desired behavior. Good Manner training includes:

Week 1: Sit, Down, Polite Greeting, Hand Targeting & Leave It

Week 2: Watch Me, Leash Manners, House Manners & Come/Stay

Each lesson will begin with a demonstration of the skill being taught followed by each participant practicing the skill real-time with their dog. Amanda will provide interactive coaching to help each participant and their dog learn the skill. Between on-line training sessions, participants are encouraged to practice the skill with their dog and will have the opportunity to ask follow-up questions at the beginning of the next training session.

Fridays, September 11 & 18, 4:30 pm, $50 for the 2 week course

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